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Alcohol Interlock

Alcohol Interlocks

An alcohol interlock device is a device fitted into your vehicle that restricts the vehicle's use to sober drivers. Upon starting your vehicle, and occasionally while your vehicle is in motion, you will be required to use a dashboard-mounted breathalyser to keep your engine running. If your interlock device detects the presence of alcohol in your breath, the engine may lock down, and your infringement documented.

Frank's Auto-Electrics is one of only three accredited installers of vehicle interlock devices in the Geelong area, and the only one that uses the recommended SmartStart interlock devices. We're able to install and remove interlocks, as well as reset the devices in the event of a lockdown.

Installing an Interlock Device

When dropping off your vehicle to have an interlock device installed, you must provide the following documentation:

  • Photo ID (no more than two years old)
  • Driver's license or receipt slip
  • Court order, or letter from VicRoads
  • Bill or letter with your current name and address, matching other documents
  • Drink drive education certificate

After your vehicle has an interlock device installed, you will be given instructions and documentation in its proper use.

Further Information

To find out more about interlock devices in general, please visit the VicRoads website.

To find out more about SmartStart interlocks, please visit the SmartStart website.

To make a booking to install an interlock in your own vehicle, contact us for a booking.

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